OOTD – New Years Eve @ Chinese Theatre

Sunday we finally went to the cinema to watch „New Years Eve“.
Why „finally“?
Because we happened to pass by the Kodak Theatre the evening of the movie premiere aaand we also happened to visit the Jay Leno Show exactly the day Katherine Heigl was visiting (klick here to see her there). So if that isn’t something? something like a „you need to go and watch that movie“ ;D.

Anyway the movie was lame… some funny moments, some kind of cute scenes and the end was  sad, yes, but all in all, the movie wasn’t really that good, too predictable, entertaining though but if you’d ask me whether or not to go, I’d definetly say „No, dont do it“!

We saw the movie at The Chinese Theatre, Hollywood Boulevard. Wow, what a very special building! Stunning architecture and so cool stone Heaven Dogs and other artifacts from China!

Great evening with Thomas King and Anne 🙂

…and this was my Outfit:



PLANS updated

(x) Los Angeles Sight Seeing Tour

(x) Go to the Beach -Venice ^.^

(  ) Santa Monica Beach

(  ) Visit the J. Paul Getty Museum

(  ) Check out the Griffith Observatory

(x) go see the Hollywood Sign

(  ) Make a Studio Tour

(  ) Visit a cool Concert

(o) Check out () Silver Lake () Little Tokio and () China Town

anything missing on our List?
Please feel free to leave suggestions as comment ^^