LOOOVED Xtinas Makeup at the World Premier of „The Voice Season 2“ .. Great Placement Right After The SuperBowl 🙂

Dallo Spazio

Last April I was super-excited: after much drama related to her divorce, Christina Aguilera was finally back with a brand-new role in the world of entertainment. After putting herself to the test with acting, she made her debut as one of the vocal coaches at The Voice, a programme aired by NBC which quickly became very successful. Some months later, the second season of the show has just made its debut: it was aired yesterday, after the Superbowl, so here I am with a report about what Christina wore.

Last year, the first post I wrote about this programme was centered around an enigma: I wasn’t able to identify the earrings Christina was wearing. Later, I fortunately succeeded, but history is repeating: I’ve tried anything to identify these multi-hoop earrings, but no results. I’ll hopefully be luckier with what she’ll wear in the next episodes.

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