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Polar lights (Kanada or North Europe… Aurora Borealis)


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LOOOVED Xtinas Makeup at the World Premier of „The Voice Season 2“ .. Great Placement Right After The SuperBowl 🙂

Dallo Spazio

Last April I was super-excited: after much drama related to her divorce, Christina Aguilera was finally back with a brand-new role in the world of entertainment. After putting herself to the test with acting, she made her debut as one of the vocal coaches at The Voice, a programme aired by NBC which quickly became very successful. Some months later, the second season of the show has just made its debut: it was aired yesterday, after the Superbowl, so here I am with a report about what Christina wore.

Last year, the first post I wrote about this programme was centered around an enigma: I wasn’t able to identify the earrings Christina was wearing. Later, I fortunately succeeded, but history is repeating: I’ve tried anything to identify these multi-hoop earrings, but no results. I’ll hopefully be luckier with what she’ll wear in the next episodes.

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shopping close to ucla

Westwood Village, which is right next to the UCLA campus, has some small stores. But within 5 miles, there are 5 major shopping areas.

The closest and biggest is 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, which has all the major stores from Forever 21 to Club Monaco, a MAC store, a Sephora store, a Fresh store, and a Lush store. If you don’t drive, take the #1 or #2 Big Blue Bus and it’ll take you right to 3rd Street.

Down Westwood Blvd, there’s a somewhat smaller mall, Westside Pavillions. A H&M has recently opened there, and a Forever 21 is also opening soon. That mall doesn’t have the best stores, and but there is a Bare Escentuals store as well as a Ziba salon, which offers the best eyebrow threading ever. Posh Spice was reported to have shopped at Westside Pavillions before. Take the #8 or #12 Big Blue Bus and it’s about 10 minutes away.

On Santa Monica Blvd in Century City is Century Mall. This is the place with tons of high end stores like Louis Vuitton. There’s no direct bus route, but I believe you can take the #8 or #12, then transfer to the #7 on Olympic Blvd.

Then of course, just about 2-3 miles down Wilshire Blvd lies Beverly Hills, with Rodeo Drive and all its shops. There is traffic in Beverly Hills, but there are great shops there.

Just a bit further is Beverly Center, which does sit on Beverly Blvd, but isn’t actually in Beverly Hills. Tons of stores there!


Eating at Pink’s Hot Dog


…und natürlich eine lange Schlange davor ;).

Moderate 15 Minuten gewartet.
Hotdog, Burger und Onionrings bestellt.
Genossen :).

Der Hotdog hat lecker geschmeckt, Burger & Onionrings waren ganz ok,
aber nochmal hingehen werden wir wohl eher nicht,
da uns die Wartezeit für einen „normalen Hotdog“ dann doch zu lange ist.


Getty Center

Today we visited the Getty Museum with Thomas King and Carly.

Great day, great weather, nice place with a
great garden and extraordinary plants and flowers!

…and a great lot of pics!

Enjoy 🙂






Hungry. in the car. waiting for a fat fat burger burger. No fries -.-. They had forgotten them.Image

later on.Image

OOTD – New Years Eve @ Chinese Theatre

Sunday we finally went to the cinema to watch „New Years Eve“.
Why „finally“?
Because we happened to pass by the Kodak Theatre the evening of the movie premiere aaand we also happened to visit the Jay Leno Show exactly the day Katherine Heigl was visiting (klick here to see her there). So if that isn’t something? something like a „you need to go and watch that movie“ ;D.

Anyway the movie was lame… some funny moments, some kind of cute scenes and the end was  sad, yes, but all in all, the movie wasn’t really that good, too predictable, entertaining though but if you’d ask me whether or not to go, I’d definetly say „No, dont do it“!

We saw the movie at The Chinese Theatre, Hollywood Boulevard. Wow, what a very special building! Stunning architecture and so cool stone Heaven Dogs and other artifacts from China!

Great evening with Thomas King and Anne 🙂

…and this was my Outfit: